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Herbal medicine on Milwaukee's South Side

I have a health infatuation - herbal remedies. Utilizing herbs as a natural means to treat health issues and ailments is something I've been interested in since my first allergic reaction to Western medication in my teens. As someone highly sensitive to both over-the-counter and prescription meds, I find herbs to be less irritating and often more effective than their laboratory-manufactured counterparts that are often inspired by or even derived from plants that are readily available in nature.

Lindsay Garric
Combined with energetic medicine like traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care and Reiki, I personally choose herbal remedies as my first line of defense/offense to treat a host of both chronic and acute maladies, especially when used under the guidance of an experienced herbalist.
I recently explored herbal shopping options in Milwaukee and was thrilled to discover The Natural Food Shop. Situated on a block of South 13th Street near Oklahoma Avenue that is littered with retail cultural treasures like Indian, Middle Eastern and Latin grocery stores as reported in detail by Molly Snyder in 2011, The Natural Food Shop is a healthy treasure trove in a neighborhood full of unique local commerce. I made a special trek just to explore this hidden gem geared for wellness nuts like me...
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