About Us

In 2011 we purchased the Natural Food Shop from Geneva Rice. We are keenly aware that since the Natural Food Shop opened in 1960 it has become the "go to" place for countless people who are mindful of nutrition and are searching for a wide selection of teas, spices, herbs, supplements, homeopathics, essences, oils, organic foods, books and more.
We research and provide information for a variety of natural remedies so that our customers can make wise choices regarding their own health. If there is an herb, supplement or natural skin care product we do not have, we'll do our best to find it.
From our large selection of over 200 bulk teas, herbs, and spices, we can measure and mix to your personal specifications.
The mission of the Natural Food Shop is to create a welcoming, honest atmosphere where we can provide a sense of community through knowledge and products; to empower people with the ability to Attain, Regain, and Maintain vibrant health.